Arvada Brewery, Distillery, & Food Tour - 1 Day


Join Volt Mobility for our exciting tour of Arvada’s local distillery, brewery, and food tour experience!

East Arvada Beer & Spirits Tour – 21 and older; sorry, no pets

Sample some of Arvada’s finest craft beers and premium spirits at our favorite local hot spots. Guests are responsible for their own tab. Must be over 21 years of age to sample beer or spirit.

We’ll meet at the parking lot of the Talnua Distillery, our starting and ending point. Our first stop is where you’ll learn about gin and whiskey that are made on the premises. Flights available.  As the saying goes, “beer before liquor, never sicker.”  [Old Wive’s tale:  it’s actually the amount of liquor consumed rather than the order it is consumed in that dictates how it affects you.] Indoor and outdoor seating. Price range: $$$

After an hour here, you’ll hop in one of our Volt Mobility eCars for the remainder of our tour. Or not.  Depending on how many tours are running that day, you are free to remain at whichever location you wish, as long as you can make it back to the last stop on the last running tour. 

Next up: Someplace Else brewpub.  Here you’ll be offered the chance to try one of their special brews.  Try Spock’s Brain or another sci-fi brew.  Make time to try your hand at the retro arcade or the old time skeeball.  Food trucks are often available, along with free popcorn and peanuts. Seating both indoors and outdoors.  Flights available. Pizza available.  Event calendar here: Price range: $$

Our last stop is the Odyssey Beerwerks, featuring over a dozen brews brewed on site.  If time permits you may fit in a short tour of the kettle room. Food trucks and special events frequently offered; check the event calendar here:,  Price range: $$

From here you can either walk a short walk back to your vehicles at Talnua or we can drive you in our eCar to your vehicle. 


Day 1

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Arvada Brewery, Distillery, & Food Tour
From $50.00
per Adult